BoydLab Personnel



Our Team at UNM

Felix Jaeckel, Post-Doc

  • Felix on our new RailRunner train from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. This is a good way for us to get to STAR Cryoelectronics.

Linh Le, Grad Student

Randy Laffler, Grad Student

Skylar Scott, Undergrad

Steve Boyd, PI

Our Collaborators at STAR Cryoelectronics

Robin Cantor

Ph.D., Superconducting Electronics

Ad Hall and Prescilla Saiz

Process Engineer/Tech,

Ed Bencomo


Some Alumni (updated as pictures become available)

Emran Qassem, Undergraduate

Arianna Pregenzer-Wenzler

  • she can do physics too.

Nik Joseph


Alex Theodorou

Grad Student

Vince Kotsubo

Ph.D., Low-Temperature Physics

Erron Gleicher

Next to one of the DX probes

Rishin Behl

Timothy Zabicki

Anthony Riggins

Philip Braatz/Philip Barth

  • worked with us during the winter of 2004/2005
  • wound a compact, vacuum-operating superconducting magnet achieving 4T at 50A

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