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Address: STP Boyd, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, MSC07 4220, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque NM 87131-0001
stpboyd@unm.edu, Phone: 505-277-4439 (office), 505-277-1520 (FAX)


Low-Temperature Experimental Physics and Applied Physics, including SQUID-based magnetic measurement, low-temperature magnetic detectors, superfluid helium, magnetic thermometry, and cooling technology.

Research Topics

Low-Temperature Magnetic Detectors

Current research in collaboration with STAR Cryoelectronics. Shown here is the new layout for the miniature SQUID-based magnetic gradiometer with integral magnetizing field coils and persistence switch. This new superconducting microdevice is one of several used to study the temperature-dependent magnetization of very small samples ~50 micron. Pads for the electrical connections to the SQUID are on the right. The two large pads on the left are for the two spiral magnetizing field coils located in the middle of the chip, one centered over each pickup loop. The smaller pads on the left are for the persistence switch. The enlargement on the right shows a ~50u dia sample loaded into a pickup coil.

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Teaching: Current MATLAB Class


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